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MTViggy Conducts Interview With Nader Sadek

MTV has announced a new property entitled The purpose of this property is to discuss emerging music from around the world in various genres. Personally, I love the idea. I think that it gives people a chance to not only hear music that they might not have heard before, but to also get an idea of what that artist is trying to convey through their music. 

One of their first artists is Nader Sadek, who is based out of New York and has made installations and masks for bands such as Mayhem and Sunn O))). Having worked with these types of musicians for a long time, it was inevitable that he would release a metal album of his own. The album features Rune Ericksen (guitarist of Mayhem), Steve Tucker (ex-vocalist of Morbid Angel), Flo Mounier (drummer of Cryptopsy), and a whole slew of other badass guests. 
You can check out MTViggy’s interview with Nader HERE.



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