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Top 10: World Under Blood’s Deron Miller Gives Us His Bloodiest List!

Deron Miller of World Under Blood and CKY is no slouch when it comes to horror, trust me on this. The guy has a deep appreciation for not only the films, but also their history and their impact. Because of this, he has put together a fantastic list of his Top 10 Bloodiest Movies in horror! Not only do you have a great list, but you’ve got descriptions with so much information, you’ll feel like you learned a thing or two today.

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10. Don’t Go In The Woods (1981)….Sure the blood may look fake, and the film itself is absolutely ridiculous…but that doesn’t mean that it’s spirit isn’t revolved around the idea of being a senseless, slashing bloody mess. One of my all time favorites, it’s difficult to figure out what Woods’ intentions are which makes it a worthwhile and mysterious film to seek out, and watch with some booze and some friends. an 8/10 on the Gore-Graph
9. Friday The 13th (unrated) (1980)…Sean Cunningham’s classic gory original crept through the ratings board with an R rating, which the MPAA soon regretted. The first installment of a zillion sequels and a crummy remake, the original still stands supreme. Great acting, and a series of creative kills courtesy of Tom Savini…including a hatchet to the face, an arrow through Kevin Bacon’s neck, and a gruesome discovery of Harry Crosby’s hanging body stuck with arrows…gives the first Friday an 8/10 on the Gore-Graph. It was also a huge box office hit, which pissed off critics that weren’t open-minded enough to not take it all so seriously. Part 3 of the series comes close to equaling the mayhem, but close doesnt count.
8. The Burning (unrated) (1981)….The unrated version of this film doesnt make much of an impact aside from the famous canoe scene, which for years has been heavily edited. The unrated scene kills off about 6 campers in 50 seconds, in some of the most gruesome ways imaginable. Fingers are cut off, necks are pierced, faces slashed. Tom Savini is again responsible for the gory details. 8/10.
7. Slugs (1987)…One of the most disgusting creature features, Slugs is a film that simply does not let up. This film is so stomach churning and repulsive that its nearly impossible to watch while eating anything…even popcorn. The restaurant scene where the dude’s head explodes giving birth to worms and tiny slugs is one of the grossest scenes ever filmed in history. A strong 9/10.
6. Silent Night, Deadly Night (unrated) (1984)….Notorious for being heavily picketed by the moral majority and angry mothers, SNDN is just as gory as it is disturbing. I have a lot of trouble watching this movie…there’s torture, rape, and anti-religious elements all over it. The deer antler impaling is the highlight of this deeply misogynistic entry. Tri-Star Pictures pulled it out of theaters after one week, and the film still made $1.5 million in theaters, and millions more in home video rentals, courtesy of Live Entertainment… the indy company that snagged it from Tri-Star and released it uncut.
5. The Abomination (198?)…I remember very little about this little known bloodbath, except that its about an old woman who vomits up a cancerous tumor that lives, and demands to be fed human flesh. Eventually the thing breeds and grows and lives in the kitchen cabinets…and people are brought home and fed to the Abomination.
4. The Deadly Spawn (1983)…There’s an alien living in the basement of a normal family’s household, and several victims are eaten by the creature. Trust me, no details are left to the imagination. Skin is peeled from bone, faces are torn off, and appendages are severed. The alien eventually gives birth to several more tiny tadpole-like offspring, and there’s a hilarious scene where the little guys invade an old lady tea party. Lots of gore.
3. The Mutilator (unrated) (1983)….A college kid is asked by his father to go to their vacation house and shut it down for the winter. He decides to bring his friends along and make a party out of it. Little does he know his father is planning to avenge the death of his wife, accidentally caused by their son years ago. Naturally him and his friends are all termination tool targets, including a pitchfork through the throat, a fish hook through the vagina (which resurfaces through the stomach), and the killer’s own demise: chopped in half.
2. Piranha 3-D (2010)….As you can see, very few current films have made the list, but Piranha 3-D is without a doubt a gruesome treat that isn’t ruined by lame CGI. Annoying partying teens are eaten alive, halved, castrated and devoured relentlessly. It’s all very satisfying to see these cliched unlikeable teens die horribly, and anyone looking for a recent film with decent gore will love this. 
1. Inside (2007)…Part of the Dimension Extreme series, this french film is probably the goriest and cruelest films out there. A psycho lady comes to a pregnant woman’s house hell-bent on stealing her unborn baby, at whatever cost. Neighbors, family members, doctors and police all come to check on the pregnant woman, only to be mutilated by the uninvited guest. The bathroom in the house starts at a bright, shiny white…and ends up being completely red by the end. Probably the sickest film I’ve ever seen. The woman has a decent motive and the ending is interesting as well. VERY bloody and well done.
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