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The Birthday Massacre Week Of Top 10’s: Rhim

Today we continue our week of Top 10 lists from The Birthday Massacre with Rhim’s favorites. TBM will be releasing a new EP entitled Imaginary Monsters (review here) on August 15th, so make sure to pick that up! Also, check out Rainbow’s Top 10 here.

Check after the jump for Rhim’s Top 10!

10. Event Horizon – I really love Sci-fi movies, so get ready to see a lot of them in my list (many of which are probably more thriller than horror). This movie has its flaws, but I liked the jagged, geometric design of the ship and its “gate” …especially during scenes when the tension created by all that sharp steel is suddenly cut by hellish hallucinations. 
9. Sunshine – There are some really beautiful visuals in this one. Scenes of space and the sun, and that massive apparatus they are trying to fix really give the viewer the sense of just how huge it all is. Must be something Danny Boyle does that really works for me… 
8. 28 Days Later – Yep. Guess I like Boyle. The scenes of an eerily empty England upon the main character’s awakening were pretty awesome. Also, Cillian Murphy at the end running around all dangerous and crazy was freaky and stylishly done. For the record: I’m fine with the fast “zombies”.
7. Hardware – I saw it when I was 17 and it blew my mind (but probably wouldn’t now). I didn’t notice its lack of budget, I just dug the feel of the whole thing from the big and bleak wasteland scenes, to mountains of scrap metal to the colourful “through the eyes of the robot” shots. Almost everything in this movie is lit weirdly in red and orange, or shoots sparks, or is probably on fire, or all 3. Add Lemmy, Iggy, PiL, and Ministry to enhance the visuals, and I was sold.  
6. The Silence of the Lambs – A visually realistic movie, sure, but a few visuals just never leave your mind completely: The crucified body hanging from the prison cell, the entire final basement scene or even just Hannibal standing in his cell, staring right into you.
5. Let the Right One In – Ah, young love. Much of its sense of beauty is aided immensely by the overall emotional impact of the story. You can really feel the contrasts in light and dark, hot and cold, old and young, and I found it moving. I don’t know much about cinematography, but the shots themselves portray sadness and innocence, and the effects are realistic and creepy – all greatly enhanced by the sense of tragedy behind it all. 
4. The Cell – Total eye-candy, obviously. I don’t remember the plot exactly, but I sure remember what that movie looks like 10 years later. Really colourful and well-shot, many of the scenes are inspired by works of art and then there’s the whole “HOLY, they just totally dismantled a horse” factor.
3. Hellraiser – Gross, creepy and awesome. There’s lots I love about this flick, but visually it’s the slow-paced absorption/re-animation sequences I go back for. A little demonic cyber-leather-and-torture-as-body-modification look goes a long way with me, too.
2. Alien – Not just for the titular Giger-designed work of awesome, the whole movie is top-tier art direction and visual effects. I love the contrast between the alien spacecraft and the human one. The Nostromo is a frightening setting; a huge, creepy, grey hunk of metal, and it’s steamy and dark and dripping, and a perfect place for our alien friend to hide in.
1. The Shining – This one will probably be on everyone’s list. Tons of long, aerial and scenic views, unsettling follow shots and stylistic touches everywhere. It has the ability to depict the size of a space, either huge or claustrophobic, and really make you feel it.  Every shot of that big, odd building adds to the character of the hotel, giving it a creepy, malevolent presence. It’s full of ghosts, psychosis and a some really terrifying sequences. There is hardly a scene that isn’t memorable or doesn’t contain some fantastic imagery. 



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