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Interview: Brendan ‘Slim’ MacDonald From Bury Your Dead

With the release of Mosh N’ Roll yesterday, the sixth studio album from metalcore outfit Bury Your Dead, Bloody-Disgusting had the chance to catch up with guitarist Brendan ‘Slim’ MacDonald to discuss the new album and, of course, some good ole’ fashioned horror. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the album, I suggest you do so. Warning: you might want to kick some ass afterwards (and possibly during).

You can check out the interview after the jump along with European tour dates and the latest video for Slaughterhouse Five.

1) ‘Mosh N’ Roll’ is about to come out and is the band’s 6th studio album. How do you feel this album compares to the previous five? What can fans expect listening to it?
I think the people who have ever liked this band for what it brings to the table will appreciate this record. I feel like it’s just as much a BYD record as the previous 5 with a more straight forward back to basics vibe. I like to be able to say each time we put something out we out do ourselves by making it heavier and this is no exception. 
2) With all the line-up changes over the years, including a few this year alone, how do you think that affected the sound and tone of ‘Mosh N’ Roll’?
Honestly as long as I am writing the songs, the music will always be heavy and groove oriented. As far as our singer situation the majority of people who are familiar with us know only Mat or Myke and with each of those dudes came a difference in sound, having said that this sounds like a record Mat would sing on but heavier. 
3) You’ve got the rest of the summer pretty much full of touring dates. What are the plans after summer?
Go home and sort out our plans for the rest of the year , then keep on keeping on.  
4) Bury Your Dead has often used darker themes, both visually and lyrically. What is it about that aesthetic that appeals/resonates with you?
BYD has always written songs musically and lyrically that have applied to our lives both past and present, the vast majority of have had a pretty colorful past both family and otherwise and that reflects in not just the songs but art as well. 
5) Heavy music and horror have long had a strong connection, though it was never exactly clear why. What do you think is the reason for this?
I think they are just like music and tattoos, they are both taboo so the connection between them is a no brainier, people have always just found a correlation between the two through the music. 
6) Does horror influence Bury Your Dead? If so, how?
I wouldn’t say influence really, I would say that the name would be what bridges the gap from music to horror. I mean all of us like horror movies and have in one way or another been involved in them one way or another in the past, but aside from everyone thinking we are a funeral home when I tell them our name that’s pretty much it. 

European tour with For The Fallen Dream and Betrayal:
Aug 05 Wiesbaden, GER @ Schlachthof
Aug 06 Leisnig, GER @ Suck ‘N’ Summer
Aug 07 Essen, GER @ Brotherhood Fest
Aug 08 Berlin, GER @ Magnet
Aug 10 Wien, AUT @ Viper Room
Aug 11 Augsburg, GER @ Kantine
Aug 12 Comacchio, ITA @ Voodoo Club
Aug 13 Stuttgart, GER @ Juha West
Aug 14 Ieper, BEL @ Ieperfest
Aug 15 Birmingham, UK @ HMV Institute
Aug 16 Manchester, UK @ Academy 3
Aug 17 Glasgow, UK @ Ivory Blacks
Aug 18 London, UK @ Underworld
Aug 19 Trier, GER @ Exhaus
Aug 20 Kassel, GER @ Hot Spot

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