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The Birthday Massacre Week Of Top 10’s: Owen

Today brings the second-to-last Top 10 list from The Birthday Massacre. After the jump, you can find Owen’s Top 10 favorite horror movies as well as a little explanation for each choice. Personally, I find his reasoning for The Thing to be quite hilarious (and 100% accurate).

Don’t forget, The Birthday Massacre have a new EP coming called Imaginary Monsters (review here). Make sure to check out the other Top 10 lists from Rainbow, Rhim, and Nate Manor!

Owen’s list in no particular order:
Event Horizon – Cryptic looking technology, Sam Neil with blood face, space barb wire.
Videodrome – James Woods’ vaginal chest VCR? Count me in.
Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 – The mattress scene goes on painfully long and is pleasantly messed up. The black “light” coming from the leviathan is also cool as all hell.
The Thing – Mostly for Kurt Russell’s beard but the scene where guys torso bites the other guys arms off is one of my favourite movie moments.
Jeepers Creepers – Skin walls, crazy truck, murder chute.
Silent Hill – The plot wasn’t great but I could watch that scene where the pyramid head rips the girl’s skin off over and over. Loved the wiggly, armless, black goo squirting thing too. Also ash babies.
[REC] – Shot like a news report so if I were visiting Spain and this came on the TV with no subtitles, I might pee a little.
Pan’s Labyrinth – Madness inducing and all kinds of pretty.
Mirrors – Torn open faces and burning corpse reflections in a creepy old store. Yep.
The Frighteners – Peter Jackson horror comedy with Michael J Fox. Yes please.


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