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The Birthday Massacre Week Of Top 10’s: Falcore

It’s been one awesome week, what with all these great Top 10 lists from The Birthday Massacre! If these lists haven’t made you update your Netflix queue at all, either you’re too scared to face these great movies OR you’ve already seen them all, in which case kudos to you! Today brings us yet another awesome Top 10 list, this one from lead guitarist and synth/drum programmer Falcore and features some of my own personal favorites! Check it out after the jump!

Don’t forget, The Birthday Massacre have a new EP coming called Imaginary Monsters (review here). Make sure to check out the other Top 10 lists from RainbowRhim, Nate Manor, and Owen!

1) Uzumaki – This film is close to my heart because it is so bizarre, surreal, and beautiful all at once. It’s based on a Japanese comic book about a small seaside town that has a strange curse on it. Really dark at times, and super light and fluffy at other times; there’s no other film like it.
2) Lost Highway – This film makes absolutely no sense, but I love it anyway. The use of shadows is masterful; The characters will appear out of an ether of darkness, and a dimly lit home in the Hollywood Hills feels eerie and foreboding for some reason. Classic Lynch. And the soundtrack is great.
3) Suspiria – One of Argento’s best horror films; it’s cinematography and set design are visually stunning. You might have to forgive some mediocre acting and dialogue though.
4) Hellraiser II – I love the original film, but the sequel takes everything to the next level. This film has more “childhood trauma inducing” scenes than I can count. And, we actually get to see what Hell looks like.
5) The Exorcist – It’s a classic that has to be on every horror list. What can I say? It’s the Godfather of horror.
6) The Exorcist III – This gem is often overlooked. George C. Scott gives a great performance and the director builds an uncanny sense of dread that sustains throughout the film. The ending seems a little tacked on, though. I wish Blatty could’ve made the ending he wanted to make.
7) Silent Hill – This one surprised me with it’s unyielding horrific visuals. There are some creepy and disturbing moments to be had here.
8) Let The Right One In – Maybe the most beautiful horror film ever made. Thoughtfully executed on all levels. I refuse to see the remake 🙂
9) Inferno – Not as celebrated as Suspira, but I like it just as much. The cinematography and set design tie in perfectly with Suspira, and the scene with the underwater Victorian era room in the basement of the hotel really stuck with me.
10) Prince of Darkness – I saw this on video at my 9th birthday party and I’ve been having nighmares ever since. One of Carpenter’s best, and his soundtrack work is in top form here.



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