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Album Artist Aaron Crawford Paints The Toxic Avenger

Album artist Aaron Crawford is one of those guys who paints stuff you either love or hate. Personally, I’m a huge fan of his twisted art styles that seem to capture the most deformed, disgusting, vile, putrid abominations this side of Midian. 
Well, the man is back with a painting of Toxie, the always lovable hero from The Toxic Avenger series! Not only is it a great painting of the iconic mutant, but Troma master Lloyd Kaufman himself gave it two thumbs up!
Aaron Crawford: “The Toxic Avenger is one of my favorite Troma movies. It’s considered a classic, and the perfect story of the nerd who’s bullied turned vigilante superhero monster murderer, mangling everything in his path!
Melvin, (who later becomes Toxie) was dancing around in a pink polka dotted suit with his mop RIGHT BEFORE he fell into the toxic sludge. 
This is my tribute painting to that scene. MELVIN!”
Check out the painting after the jump and make sure to pick up your very own copy of his mini-book, In Through The Mouth, available here.




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