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OMFG Of The Day: This Is What Zombies Do When They Wake Up In The Morgue

Usually in a horror film, when a body awakens in a morgue, there is some unlucky soul who just happens to be there as a tasty snack. But what happens when zombies wake up and only have each other for company? Well, the answer, my dear readers, awaits you after the jump!

Too impatient to click the ‘Read More’ button? Okay, I’ll clue you in: it’s a lighthearted song about death arranged by Matt & Kim and featuring Andrew W.K. and Soulja Boy. Full of amusing gore and zombies having a good time, this video kinda makes me want to join the ranks of the undead!
Oh yeah, somehow the video is supposed to make you want to buy Converse. I’m not sure how.



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