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Exclusive Top 10: Dave Tejas Of Krum Bums!

Bloody-Disgusting has scored another awesome Top 10 list, this time from Dave Tejas, the enigmatic frontman of the punk band Krum Bums. Not content with giving us his Top 10, Dave’s list goes all the way up to 11 (HA!). Check out the awesome list after the jump!

Krum Bums new album, Cut The Noose, came out earlier this week, so make sure to pick up your copy!

1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Filmed mostly in and around Austin, which is where we’re from, and  it’s just a great fucked up disturbing movie. It’s got everything you need, blood, guts, and Leatherface. For years people thought this was a true story, even Texans. 
2. American Werewolf in London – I first saw this when I was four years old, and it scared the living shit out of me. I was crying in the first five minutes!! C’mon.. I was four! (What parents let a 4 year old see this sorta shit? Thanks Mom!!)  Another good thing about it, is that it has a bit of humor mixed, always good for horror films. And come on, those Nazi monsters that shot everybody up?? Come on!! Most of all, I fucking love werewolves. They’re by far my favorite monster.
3. Silver Bullet – I SAID I LIKE FUCKING WEREWOLVES! Well not FUCKING werewolves, but I just really like werewolves. I also saw this movie when I was very young, and I think that the transformation, and the actual movements of the werewolf were scary as shit.
4. Return of the Living Dead – I love this movie. As a kid, it was one of the coolest things that I had ever seen. It combined everything I loved. Bloody special effects, the dead coming back to life, a cool soundtrack and goofy ass punk rockers!! The soundtrack also features a song from Austin psych/punk legend Roky Erikson. What more could you ask for? “Send more cops”
5. Evil Dead 2 – Bruce Cambell is a fucking badass in this film. It was creepy, it was funny, and way over the top. The dude had a fucking chainsaw for a hand!!!
6. Any “of the Dead” movie – George Romero is a zombie film master. All of his films are fucking amazing, and I can say I even liked the Dawn of the Dead re-make. I know some people say “you can’t remake somthing that was already badass”, but Zack Synder made a fucking awesome re-tellling of the story. Zombies that run? FUCK THAT! That little girl in the beginning of the movie was scary as shit. The zombie make up, and effects were incredible.
7. Devil’s Rejects – What a fucked up group of people. This movie was full of senseless, sadistic killing…. and I loved it. This movie also gave me another reason to hate clowns. “The next thing to come out of your mouth better be some Mark Twain type shit, cause it’s gettin chiseled on your tombstone.” The dialog was incredible.
8. Grindhouse: Planet Terror – Another great movie filmed in Austin by Robert Rodriguez. Over the top special effects, outrageous story line, apocalyptic monsters, puss blood and goo everywhere, the little kid that shot himself, Quentin Tarantino’s drippy penis.  Perfection. The cast was incredible, and it doesn’t hurt that there were a bunch of hot ass chicks in the movie. The twin baby sitters…. Woof.
9. Creepshow – This is one of the movies that shaped many lives, including my own. I love this style of filming with short stories involved. The diversity of all the different stories basically made it to where it would be able to scare anyone no matter who you are. Romero, King and effects by Savini? True 80’s excellence!! Sure it’s a take off from the “Tales from the Crypt”, “Vault of Horror” comics. But I like this much more than the “Crypt” series or films. Besides, you can’t look at a cockroach, and not think of this movie.
10. A Clockwork Orange – Even though this wasn’t made out to be an actual horror film, the story revolving around Alex is a nightmare for people on both sides of his actions. The people he abused, and also the people who in the long run abused him. Ultra-violence, rape, murder, and Beethoven’s 5th symphony are perfect ingredients for a horror film.
11. The Wiz – What’s scarier than Michael Jackson playing with a bunch of kids? A movie with Michael playing a scarecrow and a coked-out Richard Pryor as “The Wiz” This was a “family” film?? Jeeeeze!!!! (But Nipsy Russel was bad-ass!!) 
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