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OMFG Of The Day: Metal Bands Explain Where Babies Come From

I could’ve sworn I did an ‘OMFG Of The Day’ to this last year. But after doing some digging, it looks like I was an idiot when this was released and passed it over. Well not again! This gem of a video popped up on Today’s Big Thing and I plan on sharing it’s joy with you all!

After the jump you can watch a video of a little kid interviewing members of Arsis, Revocation, Misery Index, Fear Factory, and Carnifex by asking the question that most parents dread: “Where do babies come from?” If you ever wanted to feel a little uncomfortable, just wait for Burton C. Bell’s explanation. I’m 27 and it still made me feel awkward. But informed. I am now aware of where babies come from. 



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