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The Happy Tree Friends Get Slaughtered

For those of you that don’t know what The Happy Tree Friends are, it’s an online flash cartoon made by Mondo Mini Shows. Now, as it would sound like a nice happy childrens cartoon, and up front it sure does look like it, it’s nothing of the sort. The Happy Tree Friend get brutally slaughtered in every episode. Well, they decided to make a video game about it. It looks as if the game plays like a cross between Lemmings and Little Big Planet. The Friends are on a set path walking through the current level you’re playing, and it’s up to you in ensure they make it through safely. But just for fun, you can let a few of them get killed along the way, and there are plenty of brutal things to get that job done throughout the game.

“SEGA of America is excited to announce the official release of the adorably horrifying new game for XBLA and PC Download – Happy Tree Friends:False Alarm. Based on Mondo Media’s cult classic cartoon Happy Tree Friends, this new game offers levels and levels of innocent-looking environments filled with dangerously life-threatening pitfalls, booby traps, and low-lying weapons. Play as Lumpy, the fun-loving and accident prone moose – and direct your favorite Happy Tree Friends characters away from a series of heinous death traps by blasting open new paths, threatening them with a deep freeze, or literally throwing a ball of fire under them to get them moving! Using Lumpy’s arsenal of non-life threatening weapons, gamers must ensure his entire twisted team makes it through each level to move onto the next potentially bloody disaster. Featuring 10 exclusive scenarios, 3 potentially catastrophic levels, and an all-new Happy Tree Friends cartoon – this downloadable game will be the gory mess that fans will love to play.”

You can download the game now off of Xbox Live or on the PC.



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