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E3:New Xbox Dashboard Layout Fresh With Mini Yous!

Microsoft announced they will be updating and adding amazing new features to the Xbox 360 dashboard. One of the main things is your own avatar. Not just a picture though, much like you would make yourself a Mii on the Wii, you can create your own little person. What’s cool about these though, is they are a lot more life like than the Miis are. And you have tons more options as far as clothes, hair, looks etc. And to see which of your friends is online, it actually with show their little avatar person. And if you are all going to be playing a game online together, you can see you all standing in a little party together, ready to rumble. And now that Netflix and Microsoft have partnered up, you’ll be able to see movies you can watch right there on your 360. Check out these videos to see it all.



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