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Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel, Sounds Like A Place I’d Like To Spend A Long Relaxing Weekend

Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel has a real “Clue” vibe to it, from the games premise. You play a vacationing police officer, who is in an avalanche along a snowy mountain, and take refuge at a nearby hotel. Everything seems alright, you check things out, speak with guests, and then are thrown into a murder mystery. Odd things had been happening days before the murder, and you are to question guests, and find out what exactly happened.

The game is based on “Hotel “At a Lost Climber”: Inspector Glebsky’s Puzzle”, made originally by Akella. Lighthouse Interactive has recently signed a deal with Akella acquiring publishing rights for North America, Germany, UK, Scandinavia and Benelux territories to Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel. The game was inspired by Russian sci-fi novelists, the Strugatsky Brothers story “Inspector Glebsky’s Puzzle” that was written in 1970.

It’s coming out for the PC only, and is looking at a 2009 release. Check out a video slideshow from the game HERE


• 5 different endings controlled by the player’s actions, decisions and behavior
• An engrossing storyline set in a gorgeous game environment; from snow capped mountains to the incredibly detailed rooms of the secluded hotel
• Robust 3D real-time game engine allows for truly non-linear gameplay
• Explore a game world populated with dynamic lighting and shadows, and special effects (changes in weather, day and night gameplay sequences)
• 15 unique and lifelike characters, each with their own personalities, stories and agendas



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