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Exclusive Saw The Video Game Interview!

So I got a chance to throw a few questions by Saw The Video Game Producer and Saw freak David Cohen! Check them out! And don’t forget to go see Saw V out in theaters now!

“The SAW video game is set to release in October 2009, in conjunction with the next installment of the film series. SAW the video game will give fans of Jigsaw a reason to live. Collaborating closely with LionsGate and Twisted pictures, the video game will have its own unique storyline, taking place between SAW I and SAW II and focusing on questions left unanswered within the first film, while bridging the gap between the first and second films. In an effort to stay true to the SAW Universe, Brash is working closely with the SAW creators, Leigh Whannell and James Wan, ensuring the game pulls no punches, and delivers the horrifying suspense and disbelief that has floored fans worldwide. The SAW video game is currently in development for next-gen platforms, PS3 and Xbox 360, and will be built using the Unreal 3 game engine.” TJ: How does this game tie into the movies, is it a separate story, would it be considered the 6th movie, or is it strictly based on the 1st movie?

David: Overall the SAW video game will tie in to all of the films in one way or another, but the storyline bridges the gap between the first two films. I like to think of the SAW video game as “SAW 1.5”. On one hand, the video game is a sequel to the first film, as it provides answers to the mysteries that left you hanging, on the other hand it is also a prequel to SAW II, giving explanations to the set up of many aspects of the second film.

TJ: What’s the game play going to be like? 1st person, 3rd? More shooterish? Mystery solving, both?

David: The SAW video game will be a full-on third person horror experience, while maintaining the mystery, thrills and terror of the SAW universe. Players will try to figure out the secrets behind Jigsaw’s plan as well as what is in store for them, but there will also be plenty of action, puzzle solving and of course new and original traps in addition to some of the fan favorites sure to deliver all the gruesome aspects of SAW that we love.

TJ: Do you take on the roll of a cop? Or someone captured by jigsaw?

David: Who you play as in the SAW video game is one of the big secrets that we will be revealing closer to the games release. The game will provide players the same visceral experiences that the films are known for, and as you know from the films, no one is safe from being captured by Jigsaw, even the cops.

TJ: We will be hearing any familiar/famous voices in the game?

David: I can’t go into specific detail at this time – but what I can tell you is that there will be relevant cast involvement, and that we are taking steps to ensure that the SAW video game is as true to the films as possible

TJ: Sound is a big deal in a game like this, will there be a score, familiar sounds from the movie, what are we looking forward to hearing?

David: Alex Guilbert, the sound designer over at Zombie and for the SAW video game, is top notch, and is definitely giving it that SAW-feel while adding to the interactive experience using true 3D surround sound. Many folks who have tested the game have literally jumped at the sound alone. We will also have some other announcements about the score later on next year.



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