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Rest In Peace

As most of you might know, I LOVE They have great news on games, great podcasts, great reviews, they’re just great all around. One of my favorite places to hide on the internet.

It’s really more weird because thinking on how terrible our economy is, and how big companies are going under, and this year we are going to start losing a lot of companies. It seems like losing 1up is like starting the 1st domino.

Well, as of only a little bit ago, UGO Entertainment and parent Hearst Corporation bought out. Or as they call it, “acquired”. You know, like they were walking down the street, and tripped on 1up, and then snagged them off the street. Along with 1up, they also got the other sites in 1up’s network,,, and

Now 1up and EGM Magazine are also one in the same. So what does this mean for the magazine? The last issue will supposedly be printed this month, so make sure you pick it up.

As companies usually get bought out they lay people off. The worst part about this is that they are getting rid of major writers, and employees on the website. No more podcasts. They are pillaging 1up, and setting houses on fire, and wiping out families and it makes me sick. You can see the list of those let go HERE

My partner and cohort Kiel/Reset posted a heartfelt blog for those affected. Check it out HERE. I also want to say good luck to everyone who was let go over there, and good luck in the future, my heart goes out to you all.



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