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Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (Wii)

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers is the sequel to Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad. In the videogame, Aya is out to find the meaning of her IMICHI ancestors, even if it leads to the answer she does not wish for. Players can master the sword to take full advantage of the Wii Remote™ motion controls by slashing, swinging and thrusting into zombie enemy hordes. Play as either sister Aya or Saki in single player or with a friend in Co-Op Mode and utilize each of their unique fighting styles and set of moves . Get too much blood on either sister and be driven into Rage Mode and gain more power and agility to destroy enemies faster and deadlier. Every person met and enemy battled gets the sisters closer to understanding who or what is behind the zombie outbreak and putting an end to it.

Control Two Super Sexy Sisters and Their Sword Swinging Samurai Skills with the Wii Controls – Players can master sword swinging martial arts to take full advantage of the Wii Remote motion controls by slashing, swinging and thrusting into zombie enemy hordes.

Single Player and Co-op Play – Invite a friend to join in the fight with Co-Op mode and try out unique fighting styles together to rid the city of zombie infestation.

Go Deep Inside Aya, Saki, and the Legend of Onechanbara in Multiple Gameplay Modes – In addition to the main Story Mode players can experience the game in Free Play Mode, Survival Mode, Quest Mode and more to let gamers dive deeper into the Onechanbara world.

Killer Combat Control System – Each character has a variety of moves and weapons that the player can utilize to combat enemies in the air, on the ground, at a distance, when surrounded or even to evade attacks. The player can change weapon attacks – for example, switching between one katana for precision work, or use two katanas to take out large crowds of enemies.

Rage Mode – Rage Mode unleashes the hidden power inside of Aya and Saki, causing the player to go into a rage state where if approached by a zombie, nothing will withhold the blood that gushes from these sisters swords as they gain more power and more agility to destroy enemies faster and deadlier.

The game comes out February 10th for the Wii.


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