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Resident Evil 5 Collectors Edition



You can pre-order the special edition of Resident Evil 5 now for $89.99, at Capcoms Website but only for a limited time. All designed around RE5’s Kijuju setting and the game’s in-depth storyline, the box will include a Tricell messenger bag, Chris Redfield figurine, BSAA patch and Kijuju-inspired pendant. When the game is released you will be able to get the box set for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 from all major retailers.

Bringing the entire collection together is a custom made steel case with special art showcasing signature elements of the RE5 campaign – the Kijuju writings, ominous number five and two-player co-op. Inside the steel case is where the real action lies, with a two disc set including the game and bonus disc with additional special features. The Making of Resident Evil 5 feature, first shown at the Tokyo Game Show, will be released on the bonus disc for the first time. A digital art gallery showcasing the game’s incredible HD graphics and impressive art style and a Resident Evil Degeneration Trailer will top off the special features making a bonus disc that is a must-have for all Resident Evil devotees.

Check out a new trailer for the game HERE!


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