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Check Out Hot Vin Diesel Pics

I know you guys can’t get enough of Vin Diesel as a video game character, and frankly, neither can I. So here are some more screens from Assault On Dark Athena. And you can check out the new “Desperation” Trailer HERE!

Read on for screens, the cast/voice list for the game, and a startling tid bit of Vin Diesel info..

Ok, so I tricked you, Vin Diesel isn’t actually in any of these screens for the game.

Riddick: voiced by Vin Diesel
Dacher: voiced by Lance Henriksen
Revas: voiced by Michelle Forbes
Spinner: voiced by Wade Williams
Pavlo: voiced by Morgan Sheppard

“Vin Diesel once walked down the street with a massive erection. There were no survivors.”



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