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You Still Haven’t Had Enough Fallout 3? How About A Spaceship!?

I know I know, you’ve spent all of your money on Fallout 3 DLC. Well, time to take a second mortgage out on the house, because it just keeps on coming. And keeps getting cooler and cooler. Bethesda announced today the DLC ‘Mothership Zeta’ will be released on August 3rd on Xbox Live and Games for Windows for 800 Microsoft Points.

As usual while strolling the Capital Wasteland you get a signal on your magical Pipboy, they leads you to a UFO crash site. Once on the ship, the only way off is to fight your way out, battling aliens along the way. Past the break for screens and delays Also on the news front, Broken Steel will be the 1st DLC to hit the Playstation 3 in September, and the rest to follow (hopefully) shortly thereafter.



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