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Resident Evil And Facebook Whores Unite!

Resident Evil (3D) for the PC is out today, and to “celebrate” the release of the game, Intel, in partnership with Capcom are offering a Majini Facebook App.

The Majini Makeover Application, which you can find – and what the application does, is allows you to take your photos and turn them into grotesque, Resident Evil 5 inspired Majini. Once a user selects an image from a personal or friends’ public photo gallery, he or she can use a library of gruesome wounds, stitches, worms and more to turn themselves into one of the infected Majini’s. If you don’t feel like getting infected, then grab a friend’s photo, tag them and suddenly you’ve created a photo album with one evil friend – or maybe a new enemy! Use a picture of yourself with your closest friends to create a bloody, stitched up group of evildoers right out of the world of Resident Evil.

Intel, whose processors make Resident Evil 5 for the PC’s game play as stunning and fast as it is scary, stepped in to make the transition to evil even more enticing. Users who enter their transformed image into a public Facebook gallery are entered to win a desktop computer, copies of the game, Resident Evil collectibles, and five top of the line Intel® Core™ i7 processors. Resident Evil 5 for PC has been optimized for the Core™ i7 and takes full advantage of its intelligent, multi-core technology for increased realism and a better immersive experience.
The teams have also collaborated to create the Resident Evil 5 multimedia widget, which fans can take to over 60 destinations including their desktop, Facebook and MySpace. The multimedia widget will feature a video, photos, additional contest – where users can enter to win even more Resident Evil 5 products, Capcom news and the photo gallery from the Facebook Majini Makeover application.



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