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OMFG 5th Week In A Row Of The Dead Pixels Podcast!?

I never thought it could be done. But we did it. 5 weeks in a row. A New Dead Pixels Podcast is up right meow. So, go download it! This week we had more special guests than we could handle, but, we handled it. We got a solid hour and a half for you to listen to, and enjoy.


Kiel and I chat it up with Adam, and Adam (Nev), about Left 4 Dead 2, games they have been playing and looking forward to, Dubbs assumes the form of Kiel for a bit. Adam skips out, Kiel returns, and as we close, extra special guest Danny! of Double Murder fame throws in some loving words. Thanks for listening! And PLEASE rate us and comment on iTunes, we are trying to get to the top of the video game podcast list!



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