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Dementium 2 Teaser Site

SouthPeak Games and Renegade Kid have put up a teaser site for Dementium 2. It’s basically a countdown, a creepy one. It doesn’t make much sense, as of now, but they state that the teaser is up 1st because the actual site is too disturbing for most people. Which really makes me want to see the full site. They say more content will roll out for the site until the games release. Check the teaser HERE. Check out a few screens past the break, and the game will be released on the Nintendo Ds February 2nd, 2010.

“We decided to launch the teaser site first because, to be honest, the full website is too disturbing for most people,” said Rob Burman, European PR Manager, SouthPeak Games. “An old lady accidentally glanced at the full thing last week and nearly fainted… so we just didn’t want to take the risk.”



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