Dementium 2 Creepy As Hell Website Launched - Bloody Disgusting
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Dementium 2 Creepy As Hell Website Launched



So they had teased the website before, but Renegade Kid and South Peak Games Have launched their website for Dementium 2. I Can’t really describe it without giving anything away, but it’s really well done and creepy as fuck the way they did it. So if you are feeling up to it go check it our HERE.

Dementium II promises more scares, nastier monsters and an improved game engine to make it even more gruesome than the original. Players take on the role of William Redmoor, who wakes up in the mysterious Bright Dawn Treatment Center after brain surgery. However, there is something terrible happening at the center and William soon discovers horrific creatures, an insane surgeon and ghostly links to his troubled past.
Check out a few screens beyond the break, and look out for the game releasing only on the Nintendo Ds February 16th.


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