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The Wii Is Stealing All The Horror Games Lately

The Wii might have been the last system you would think for horror. But as of lately they are taking over. From Silent Hill, to Resident Evils, the abortion known as The Grudge, Cursed Mountain and plenty more. Well from Developers Hudson Entertainment, and Publishers Konami is a game known as Calling. The cover of the box shows the now classic creepy long black haired girl. Which personally I am fucking sick of.

In Calling, players begin by visiting a mysterious “Black Page” website with a simple number counter. Some say it is a bridge to something sinister; the counter indicating the number of people who have died after visiting the page. It is said that people who have visited the site and witness a certain event are drawn into a mysterious space compiled of the memories of the dead – the space between life and death. Someone or something is drawing the living there for a reason, and it is up to the player to discover the horrifying truth. In order to do so, players will use various equipment including flash lights, phones, and other items to navigate and escape the Calling. “Players will be asked to use their wits and senses to survive the world of Calling,” said Mike Pepe, Director of Marketing of Hudson Entertainment. “It is a game that revolves around real people and real emotions – no chain saws or suits of armor. The game is traditional survival horror at its finest.”

That paragraph makes me nervous. Where Silent Hill Shattered Memories and The Grudge meet, this game could be awesome, or awful garbage. But only time will tell.

The game is out for the Wii March 9th of this year.



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