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Win A City Of Eternals Beta Invite! It’s Easy! (UPDATE 1/28!)

I have quite a lot of these to give away. Somewhere in the amount of 100ish to give away actually. Before that though, let me introduce you to the game in case you aren’t at all interested. City Of Eternals is an online only Vampire MMO. The game takes place in a modern world of Vampires. You even get your own Sims style house to decorate in your own Vampiric way.

The game is connected to Facebook so you can connect with friends on Facebook, make new ones, recruit minions etc. The game when out, will be free to play with not too brutal of graphics that should run on most newer systems. Head past the break for features and how to get into the Beta. UPDATE 1/28!: Ok guys, to get your beta codes go HERE! All you do is enter your email and away you go!

*Game with story and depth, including storyline-driven quests
*Real time combat systems
*Three skill customization areas: Combat, Harvesting, Fighting
*Harvest items in-game and in others’ homes
*Own your own customizable home; make your own clothing, weapons
*Create your own coven of Vampires
*Compete to become the best/most powerful vampire on leaderboards
* Compete with friends to be the top vampire in New Valencia
* Customize their vampire abode with thousands of furniture options
(vampires want to be comfortable for eternity!)
* Hire friends as your vampire minions
* Choose which of the five in-game vampire houses to align with, and
engage in house vs. house competition and player vs. player interaction
* Utilize a new in-game chat system with multiple channels

If you want into the Beta, simply post a comment saying you want in, 1st, 95-100 are in! I’ll give you details on how you will be getting your invite as soon as I get it.



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