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In DeathSpank, you take on the role of DeathSpank. And what does he do? Spanks death most obviously. But if you want to go into details, he is in search of an item known only as The “Artifact.” And you will also be trying to uncover the mystery behind the “Thongs Of Virtue”. You’ll save orphans, fight monsters, solve puzzles, collect loot.

All of this sounds ridiculous, confusing, and crazy, and pretty awesome and hilarious. Hothead Games are developing the game, and they just recently signed on with E.A. and their partners program to Publish the game. E.A. Partners, partners up with well known indie developers, to build relationships and help spread the word about awesome indie games.


“The team at Hothead Games is a perfect fit for EA Partners. They are a great example of how the EA Partners program continues to emphasize the importance of building strong relationships with the world’s top indie developers,” said Jamil Moledina, Outreach Director, Business Development at EA Partners. “DeathSpank is an engrossingly fun and hysterically funny experience, and we are all excited to have the opportunity to help introduce DeathSpank to gamers across the world.”

Ian Wilkinson, CEO of Hothead Games added, “We are proud of our independence, but are very excited to be working with EA Partners on a title as big as DeathSpank. With EA Partners handling distribution and marketing, Hothead can continue to focus on what we do best, making great games.”

There is no release date set as of now, but the game will be released for the Playstation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade.



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