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Dead Pixels Update

So we here at the Dead Pixels have decide to expand our horizons a bit. Nothing major or serious, and no need to worry, we aren’t going anywhere. But, we will be covering a bit more games. No kiddie type stuff, more in the adultish area of video gaming. Halo, Call Of Duty, things of that nature. Horror is still going to be the main area of coverage, but we wanted to open it up a bit to appeal to more gamers. And to deliver a bit more content to you all especially when the horror gaming is slow.

As far as the lack of Dead Pixels Podcasts, I apologize for that, and we will be making it up to you soon with the 2nd part of our Best Games Of 2009. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, we recently added a search box strictly for the Dead Pixels news section. It’s on the right side more towards the top. If you type in a game you should be able to find most if not all news posted about it, in case you missed anything.



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