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Dead Pixels Monthly, March 2010

My name is Adam and I am here to gift you with a brand new monthly feature! Dead Pixels Monthly, or what we will affectionately refer to as DPM from here on out is our way of taking the past month’s features, news, and reviews and violently tossing them all into one place. Why would we do such a thing, you ask? Because we care, that’s why. We know some of you, even our most devoted Dead Pixels readership cannot visit the site every day, so now you have a way to see everything we’ve posted over the month just in case you missed anything. Or maybe you have absolutely no social life and are more than able to visit the site every day. If you fall into that category, I commend you. You sir or madam, are my hero.

DPM isn’t merely a mind-blowingly awesome mashup of all the past month’s posts, oh no, it’s much more than that. It’s also a way to see what goes on inside TJ’s head, as each issue of DPM will start off with a Letter from the Editor, where he’ll have the chance to ramble, rant, or rage on about the goings on in the industry. And you will listen, or the DPM Fairy will come to your home when you least expect it and gouge your eyes out with a stapler. How does the DPM Fairy do this with such a blunt object? Don’t ask questions, just read on.

TJ here. Welcome folks. I’d like to start off by saying, you know what really grinds my gears….? No but seriously, what it really eating at the back of my skull this past month is zombies. There are too many of them. And it’s becoming a problem. Why? I don’t know. Zombie games for hand held devices are out of effing control. Why should all these iPhones, and PSP’s and other mini video game devices get all the zombie games? We can’t even get a decent zombie game on a next gen console. Resident Evil, I love it, but give me some fucking zombies. Zombie Panic In Wonderland, Zombie Wonderland, Age Of Zombies, Plants Vs Zombies, Zombie Smash, Alien Zombie Death, Zombie Cannon Carnage, need I go on?

Yes, I know Left 4 Dead 2. It’s awesome and there is DLC coming out. That’s great and all, but the zombie craze needs to slow down. I want something new until Resident Evil 6 (dark lord willing) is out and filled with zombies craving my flesh. I want, vampires. Deliver me an amazing vampire game. Not like that life sucking abortion Vampire Rain. I’m talking straight up vampire survival horror. A 30 Days Of Night turned into a vampire video game would be amazing. Totally shit out of luck, trapped in a remote town in the middle of bumble fuck Alaska. Creeping from building to building gathering whatever supplies and weapons you can and fighting to stay alive. Well, get to work!

Adam, back to you.

Thanks TJ! While I find the startling number of zombie games for the iPhone more than a bit excessive, I hope the genre as a whole will remain popular, even just for a little bit longer. I also totally agree with the vampire game idea. 30 Days of Night rocked my socks, and I love the idea of a horror vampire game. This has been a good month for news, especially if you’re particularly fond of screenshots, so without further adeu, let’s dive in to the abundance of nerdgasm inducing awesomeness that was the merry month of March.


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