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E3: Bloody-Disgusting E3 Coverage: June 15th, Day 1 Wrap-Up

The morning begins with a trip through the downtown traffic to the Nintendo E3 Presentation at the Nokia Live Theater, right next door to the Staples Center where the Lakers will battle the Celtics this evening in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

The big buzz around the Nintendo Presentation today is revolving around the already-announced, Nintendo 3DS, their latest in the line of portable gaming, a 3D incarnation of the endlessly popular Nintendo DS, which only a few months ago released yet another incarnation, the DS XL with a 93 percent larger screen. For gamers, the potential around a 3D device is mouth watering. While Nintendo isn’t usually the name that comes to mind first for horror gaming fans, this might change things. Imagine exploring the words of the next SILENT HILL or RESIDENT EVIL in fully immersive 3D. The big question is, how exactly it will work, which is what we’re waiting to find out this a.m. The day begins with the standard Nintendo razzle dazzle. Nintendo CEO? Reggie Fils-Aime comes out and talks about the excitement of E3, the evolvement of technology for gamers, etc. etc. etc. The crowd goes wild for a new Nintendo Wii ZELDA game, SKYWARD SWORD. The demo doesn’t go to well, however, and the glitches are blamed on Wi-Fi interference.

Next we’ve got the standard sports titles, the new Nintendo titles MARIO SPORTS MIX and WII PARTY, a lame dance title, GOLDEN SUN: DARK DAWN for DS and the usual jargon about Nintendo’s sales success. Ho-hum. There’s a new revival of the classic shooter, 007’s GOLDENEYE, which definitely looks pretty cool. I spent some long hours playing the old version back in the days of N64. True to Nintendo’s core audience, there’s some games aimed at the kid set, DISNEY EPIC MICKEY, DONKEY KONG COUNTRY RETURNS and KIRBY’S EPIC YARN. We round out the non-horror games with a look at the next METROID titles for Wii, OTHER M.

Finally, here is the 3DS. It looks pretty similar to the DS, with a 3.5” screen on top and a 3:4 screen touch screen below. It has a slider control on the right side to control the level of 3D. Detail-wise, there still isn’t a lot here, but the big news is that the 3D does not require any type of glasses. Graphics are improved, but not to the level of PS3 or 360 level. There is a slide pad controller as well as the standard “D-pad” and four buttons on the right side. It has a gyroscope and motion sensor. One of the coolest “perk” features is two cameras, so that you can actually take 3D photos with the unit.


No price or release date, although we will be able to see the system in person and check out the 3D in person. The horror faithful will be happy to hear there is a brand new RESIDENT EVIL game for the 3DS, Resident Evil: Revelations. No details on that one other than that it will be a completely original title in the series. Other 3DS titles include KID ICARUS: UPRISING, DJ HERO, BATMAN, ASSASSIN’s CREED LOST LEGACY and METAL GEAR SOLID. I recorded what I could of the 3DS portion of the presentation until my memory card ran out. You can check out the video below.

Nintendo 3DS Announcement at Nokia Live June 15th, 2010 Part 1

Nintendo 3DS Announcement at Nokia Live June 15th, 2010 Part 2

After the announcement, Nintendo sent out a crowd of busty babes with 3DS’ strapped to them to show them off to the crowd. I couldn’t get a great look at the DS, but the women were a good demonstration of the capabilities of three dimensions, though perhaps not so much from Nintendo. Look to Vivid for that technology.

Here’s a short video of the babes armed with 3DS units.

Now we’re over at the Sony Presentation, which should offer a bit more for the bloodthirsty crowd. Arriving at the Shrine Auditorium, Sony definitely has a flashier approach. It’s a party atmosphere with open bar, tons of food and music blaring. After a few cocktails and some grub, we head into the Shrine, where we are immediately handed a pair of Real D 3D Glasses. Seems “3D” is the buzz word of the day.

Sony starts things off just like Nintendo, touting why PS3 is the best and saying that it, “offers something for the whole family.” True enough, but on to what’s new. First up is a 3D look at KILLZONE 3. We’re getting a live demo of two sections of the game. This first person shooter looks pretty nice in 3D, a natural to the 3D treatment, with sharp and immersive backgrounds,. As our hero wields his automatic weaponry and blasts baddies, blood comes at the screen and splatters on the camera lens. It definitely gives gamers more of the feeling of being in the game. Aside from the 3D, this is your standard shooter. KILLZONE 3 will be out February 2011 as a PS3 exclusive. It will be fully compatible with PlayStation Move (Sony’s competition to the WiiMote) at launch.

Classic horror gamers should be happy to hear Mortal Kombat will also be coming in 3D from Warner Bros. Unfortunately, there are no details on that one. During a montage of Sony’s 3D game lineup, we get a quick glimpse of MK where a character performs a fatality with his hat by slicing his opponent in half. Green blood oozes out at the screen. It gets a cheer from the crowd and, we have to admit, it’s pretty bad-ass.

Now we’re on to Sony’s new games for the Move. There’s a wizard game called SORCERY, a HARRY POTTER-ish thing that appears to be aimed at the kiddies. Control-wise, especially in terms of how you choose objects, it looks very similar to the new Zelda game we saw for Wii earlier, albeit with superior graphics. As much as this thing looks like a total Harry Potter rip-off, it looks pretty cool and works well with the new control scheme. Sports gaming is next, demonstrating how the Move will work on TIGER WOODS PGA 11. Hope this game has the jealous wife fight modes of the SOUTH PARK version. That might actually get me to play a golf game. HEROES ON THE MOVE is the final Move title, which brings together a lineup of six of Sony’s popular gaming characters for an action adventure title.

For anyone that cares, Sony now has a big marketing deal with Coca-Cola, meaning that every future ounce of the sugary beverages you consume will pimp the PS3 and the Move.

RESIDENT EVIL: GOLD EDITION will have a software update to make it compatible with the Move. Sadly, nothing else about RES EVIL nor any details on how it will incorporate the new control scheme. Hopefully we’ll be able to find out a little more about this one on the show floor.

The Move will be launch in North America on September 19, 2010. It costs $50 bucks for the wand or $99 packaged with a Playstation Eye and the SPORTS CHAMPIONS game.

Now a little about the still-kicking PSP. There’s a pretty lame new marketing campaign starring a trash-talking hip African American kid named Marcus. There are some amusing one-liners, but all in all the promos seem like a desperate attempt to breathe a little more life into a portable gaming format that never really materialized into all the incredible things Sony promised. Anyone remember UMD discs? Personally, after about a year of dust collecting in my closet, I finally Ebay’d my PSP.

Now Sony throws up a montage of clips from PS3 and PSP titles to the standard booming techno. It finishes with that creepy female voice saying the trademark, “Playstation.”

Online-wise, PS3 will remain free but now there will be an enhanced paid version for “a little over $3 a month.”

After some clips from the new MEDAL OF HONOR, we’ve finally got something for the horror faithful. DEAD SPACE 2 will be enhanced for the MOVE and will be available alone or as part of a special edition package along with the first game.

Here’s a look at DEAD SPACE 2 from the Sony Presentation.

There’s PORTAL 2, FINAL FANTASY XIV, ASSASSIN’s CREED: BROTHERHOOD, INFAMOUS 2 and GRAN TURISMO 5 to round things out for Sony. Their presentation was generally solid, though a little lengthy and, unfortunately, not a lot there for the BD readers. Just the new MORTAL KOMBAT 3D, RESIDENT EVIL: GOLD EDITION and DEAD SPACE 2.

But wait… Just as we were about to pack up our bags, Sony has one final surprise that peeks our interest. Anyone remember TWISTED METAL? Well, it’s been a while, but the darkly comic, bloody, carnage-filled craziness that sucked fans in for so many gaming hours way back when is finally making its way to PS3.

A Look at Sony’s Surprise Presentation of TWISTED METAL for PS3.

Now it’s time for us to head over to the LA Convention Center, pick up our credentials and hit the show floor.

We’ll be back tomorrow for E3 Day 2 with a report from the floor as well as a look at the EA Presentation.



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