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E3: Konami Wants To Plague You With NeverDead

The makers of Silent Hill have decided to expand their horror offering with a new fantasy horror title called NeverDead. Sounds like a good name for a game containing hordes of zombies, and while there may very well be a couple of the shambling undead in there, NeverDead is set in the near future where supernatural forces and twisted creatures roam the world’s deserted cities.

This is definitely a game you should keep on your radar; it’s being headed by Metal Gear Acid designer Shinta Nojiri and it’s essentially a Devil May Cry style game set in a world filled with flesh hungry monsters and over-the-top-action. Oh wait. Check out an action packed bunch of screens after the jump. The game’s hero will wield a sword and dual guns and the game is being developed by Rebellion Entertainment. Okay, maybe you should worry just a little bit since Rebellion was behind the dreadful Shellshock 2: Blood Trails and Rogue Warrior. Their most recent title was the fairly decent Aliens vs. Predator game. So if anything, they’re experienced in the action genre, and that’s a definite plus.



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