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The 10 Biggest Surprises of E3

It’s safe to say The Big Three brought their A games to this year’s biggest gaming expo. After the last couple years of resting on their laurels, Nintendo really kicked ass with some seriously jaw-dropping announcements tailored to excite their audience, rather than their investors. Nintendo wasn’t alone though, as Microsoft threw out more than their fair share of surprises including the long anticipated Xbox 360 redesign (and might I say how sexy the new, slimmer 360 is?), and Sony gave us an upgraded PSN as well as the delicious Twisted Metal.

But that’s just the pre-E3 conferences, there’s still the actual Electronic Entertainment Expo that managed to give us even more tasty, video game goodness. So with all the goods that E3 brought us this year, what were the craziest, most insanely unpredictable unveilings? TJ and I have ranked the ten announcements that left us picking our jaws off the floor, let’s see if you agree.

Adam’s #10. Gran Turismo 5 is coming, gets a release date

I don’t know if people are still wowed by the visuals or even the presence of the racing juggernaut that is the long MIA Gran Turismo 5, but I do know we’ve been waiting for a release date for many years. Well, now we have one, and it’s November 2.

TJ’s #9.5. Seriously, can we get us some GT already?

Gran Turismo was a powerhouse in the racing game world, but they have fallen behind waiting a solid 5 years to release the next game. While all the while amazing games like Burnout and Blur just to name a couple come out of the darkness and do donuts on your face. Also, is Gran Turismo 5 the only sponsor of Last FM on the 360? If so, they used up all their money.

Adam’s #9. Activision and Microsoft Make Sweet Call of Duty Love

The 360 has had more than a couple timed exclusives, but I’m positive there were more than a few PS3 fans out there that don’t like the idea of getting their Call of Duty content after everyone else for the next three years.

TJ’s #8.5. Sega Dreamcast and the Next Genies Make Nice

I wasn’t surprised by as much as I thought this year, so I’m putting the Pre-E3 announcement of Dreamcast games coming to XBLA and PSN on here. Because that is so super titties. Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi are the 1st games joining us on our Playstation 3s and Xbox 360s. I’m pretty excited to see what else they have planned.

Adam’s #8. Metal Gear Solid: Rising Gameplay Rocks My Socks

I had little doubt Rising would be amazing, but the gameplay that was shown at the Microsoft press conference blew my mind and left me with a strong craving for fruit.

TJ’s #7.5. MGSR, yes, hoping the same great series will have a new twist to it

Metal Gear is an amazing series. But I bore of the stealth. MGSR opens up a whole new world of cutting things into a million pieces and what as of right now looks like virtually no stealth. I’m in.

Adam’s #7. Red Faction: Armageddon dives into survival horror

Red Faction: Guerilla was a truly amazing game and I’ve been anxiously awaiting news on its sequel for what feels like forever. Well, E3 gave me all that and more when Armageddon was revealed as a brave new foray into the horror genre, as the people of Mars have been driven below ground, awaking the bug creature things that live beneath. This game will be amazing.

TJ’s #6.5. If we could only be so lucky as to have all games go survival horror.

I must admit, I haven’t played any Red Faction games. But this is reason enough to get me started. If a lot more games start going horror, I will start playing them for sure. I’m looking at you Katamari.

Adam’s #6. Natal gets a Makeover, If In Name Only

Since Kinect was revealed as Project Natal I really haven’t been very enthused about it. E3 changed all that. Unsurprisingly, there were some games in the Wii Sports/Play vein, and the creepy, animal violating games like Kinectimals, but titles like Dance Central and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved could be game-changers (pun intended). Just please, Microsoft, let us play games sitting down.

TJ’s #5.5. Nintendo pretty much says: “Your handheld will never be as good as ours.” I was hoping for an Xbox 180. Or something.

Nintendo had the balls to make the Wii. With sub par graphics (compared to the PS3 and 360) at best. But it didn’t matter because they have done something no one else as. And they are doing it again with the 3DS. Glassesless (I made that word up) 3D. They haven’t even given you that in a movie theater or on your flat screen 3D tvs yet. Nintendo says suck it world. And Microsoft, where is my Xbox 180? I want some on the go Halo plz.

Adam’s #5. Microsoft Brings Sexy Back

Just when we were sure they had bared all, Microsoft blew out minds with the sleeker, sexier Xbox 360. But that’s not all, oh no sir, right after that they threw out the console’s NOW availability. When we expect Microsoft to zig they zag, then when we think they’ll zag, they DO zag just to mess with us.

TJ’s #4.5. Natal, a shitty name, renamed Kinect, an almost more shitty name?

It’s all in the title. Do people sit around in board meetings and think up this stuff and they all agree, yeah this sounds pretty great. But, yay no controllers!

Adam’s #4. Portal 2. Also on PS3. Need I Say More?

I really don’t need to say more about a multi-platform sequel to one of my new favorite games of all time, but it exists, and we’ll get it soon (including all of you beautiful, talented, super special PS3 gamers out there.)

TJ’s #3.5. Nintendo, bringing us our favorite old titles? Yes. Yes a million times yes.

Look, I’m going to cut to the chase. Read Adam’s #2.

Adam’s #3. Twisted Metal. Coming Soon. Nerdgasms Ensue.

A new game is coming, it looks good, has a fiery clown biker gang, and will make me very happy when I’m finally able to play it. The Twisted Metal series is awesome, everyone knows that. If you don’t like the games that means you’re a Nazi. Now try and say you don’t like them, you Nazi.

TJ’s #2.5. Yeah, Twisted Metal 3.

Damn Nazis. All I can really say is, why did you keep us waiting so long? Who do you think you are, Capcom? Making us wait 10 years for MvC3. Unreal. Game companies need to get it together. People want sequels to the games they loves. Stop dropping the ball.

Adam’s #2. Nintendo BLOWS MY MIND. (In a good way.)

Alright, let’s cut to the chase: Nintendo has sucked lately. Now, I’m not saying they haven’t been kicking ass in sales and all that jazz, but when it comes to making your core fan base happy, Nintendo has dropped the ball since, well, I guess E3 2006 wasn’t that bad. This year they managed to satiate the endless appetites of everyone with the announcement of a new Zelda title, Kid Icarus, Goldeneye, and tons of new details on the Nintendo 3DS. And while I was getting ready to pick my jaw up off the floor they revealed the developer support for their upcoming handheld including a new Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Street Fighter IV, and a TON of other games I’d rather not list here.

TJ’s #1.5. SIlent Hill 8.

It was a prediction, a prediction I had no hope for. But, side missions? Side missions also mean there could be possible DLC. I want.

Adam’s #1. The Lack of Surprises

This year’s E3 was great, it was epic, and was nothing short of awesome. But I am a difficult person to please, and I was expecting some seriously big unveilings that were strangely MIA. Where is The Last Guardian? I can’t keep up my sassy demeanor without some news on Team Ico’s latest project. And what about the Arkham Asylum sequel? Or Resistance 3? Resident Evil PSP? How about a price or release date for the 3DS? Am I done bitching? No sir. I also wanted Hulu on my Xbox 360. Okay, TJ’s turn.

TJ’s #0.5. Secret Of Mana for the iPhone.

Definitely my biggest surprise, and my biggest let down. I don’t want an iPhone, but I definitely want one of my favorite games from my childhood and of all time with me at all times. Which brings me to the fact that I must complain about a few things. 1. Yeah where the hell is Hulu on our 360s?? 2. Look, I am MORE than excited for Goldeneye on the 3DS. But what the hell are you thinking not working out a deal with Microsoft and Sony and releasing the game to the PSN and XBLA?! Just sit back and imagine with me, if you would, Goldeneye over 2 massive massive online communities. The possibilities are endless! ENDLESS! I used to play Goldeneye for days on end. This game practically started multiplayer 1st person shooter games. And I want Bomberman 64 on there too. This is my list of demands. And give me Star Fox 64 also. Stop screwing with me. And while you’re at it, throw in the game that should have been released on the Next Gen systems. Resident Evil Outbreak. (Drops the mic, walks off stage)



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