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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Out Now!

If you’re itching to play the new Dead Rising 2 and you just can’t wait any longer, hop on your Xbox 360 (if you have one) and download Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Case Zero takes place 2 years after Dead Rising, and 3 years before Dead Rising 2. You are Chuck and your wife was killed, your daughter bitten and infected. You flee Vegas in search of more Zombrex for your daughter to keep her from becoming a full on zombie.

Just like in the actual game you will get to play around combining crazy items together to make brutal killing weapons. Also, your stats will transfer over to Dead Rising 2 if you choose to buy it upon release. Dead Rising 2 will release on Playstation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 September 28th. Check out screens past the break.



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