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New Trailer And Screens For The Secret World

One of my most anticipated upcoming games is The Secret World. The Secret World is an MMO that will be available for the PC and Xbox 360, no release date is set. In the game you choose a secret society you would like to join, and this will change your starting location between New York, Seoul or London. The video below focuses on London and the Templars.

This game will cover everything, from magic, to weapons, while fighting monsters, zombies, vampires, you name it. Head past the break for screens. “It feels great being able to show the world some of the exciting stuff that we are working on,” says Senior Producer and Game Director Ragnar Tørnquist. “It might only be scratching the surface of the vast universe of ‘The Secret World’, but this video gives a unique glimpse into what Templars players will experience when they first enter the game. We look forward to revealing even more soon, not only about the Illuminati and Dragon secret societies, but the game and the world as a whole.”



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