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BioShock Infinite 10 Minute Gameplay Video MUST WATCH!! SO GOOD!!!!

I few days back you got the teaser of the BioShock Infinite gameplay video. Well now you get the whole damn thing. 10 minutes of magical wonderment and amazingness that you will have to wait until 2012 for. If you have had any doubts about this game, “oh it’s not underwater?” boo hoo, “wahh it should be called AerosShock” cry me a river. Lay all those thoughts to rest. Strap yourself in, and sit down if you’re standing, because you will pass out from over stimulation. Watch it in full screen HD if your computer can handle it. Enjoy!!

!? Yes!! Right!? So amazing!! I’m crazy!! Well, what did you think? Post a comment! 2012?! NOOOO!! Screens past the break. Ahem.



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