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Next Silent Hill to be More Like Silent Hill 2

This has got to be some of the best news I’ve had the pleasure to gorge my innocent eyes upon in quite some time. According to an interview between Czech site Coupe.Cz and SH8 Lead Designer Mark Berka, Silent Hill 8, the upcoming multi-platform reboot of the long standing survival horror franchise is going to be “less action” and “more in line with the first games.”

This is great news for any fan of the more traditional survival horror genre that’s been quietly fading away over the past handful of years since the original Silent Hill games are widely considered to be the best of the franchise. More details from the interview as well as the trailer (in case you missed it) after the jump. Silent Hill 2 holds a special place in my heart for introducing me to the survival horror genre, so the thought of one of my favorite series returning to its roots is very exciting. Perhaps if this game does well Resident Evil might follow suit with its planned franchise reboot with the sixth installment.

Also from the interview, Berka told Coupe.Cz they plan to return to psychological horror, like what was done with the recent Wii title Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, though I sincerely hope SH8 is far scarier than Memories was. For Silent Hill 8 they also plan to focus on the story as well as weave complex subtext and mystery into it all, starting with the protagonist’s background and how he ended up in the fog shrouded town of Silent Hill.

Another thing from the interview is while Berka says his team are fans of the movie adaptation, they won’t be doing the same thing Homecoming did and take heavily from the film, instead relying on the original games to guide the development.

With an atmosphere that’s inspired by Silent Hill 2, less focus on action and a more interesting story, the next game in the series might just be the game fans of the franchise have been waiting for.



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