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BD Exclusive: Roundtable Interview With Tobin Bell And John Williamson About Saw II Flesh And Blood!

Recently, I got the chance to participate in a roundtable conference call along with several horror outlets with Jigsaw himself, Mr. Tobin Bell and John Williamson, producer/designer of Saw II: Flesh & Blood. Inside, you’ll find an audio interview with the questions that I got to present. If you are interested in BD posting the full 55+ minute interview, leave a comment and we’ll be happy to post it in a new article.

Some great quotes from the interview are Tobin saying, “Horror fans are a unique breed. They’re very passionate, and I like that…You can accomplish as much in a horror film as you can in any other genre, you just have to be committed to the script.” Head past the break for new screens from the game, and a bit more about the interview.

In regards to horror, he also said, “My eyes have been opened in terms of the passion of the fans, but more importantly, what can be accomplished. So, take heart horror writers!”

John Williamson has stated that there will be NO DLC for Saw II: Flesh & Blood. He also stated that should a 3rd Saw game be made, there is the possibility for Co-op play! The idea is that people would work together to find out how to manage through Jigsaw’s traps. However, in the end, only one would be able to escape. Could you turn on your friends to be the sole survivor of Jigsaw’s twisted life lessons?



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