Parasite Eve Series Making Its Way to PSN - Bloody Disgusting!

Parasite Eve Series Making Its Way to PSN

Earlier today Square Enix told the world they will be bringing the fantastic Parasite Eve and its sequel to the PlayStation Network sometime in the near future. Granted, this was brought to us by their Japan branch so nothing’s been confirmed for the rest of the world but looking at their pedigree I’d say it’s safe to bet we’ll be seeing the games as well.

This was confirmed by Tetsuya Nomura via The 3rd Birthday’s Twitter page that the series would be making its debut on the PlayStation 3. Perhaps, depending on how well the games are received we’ll finally be getting that true Parasite Eve 3 we’ve been begging for a decade now? For those unfamiliar with the series, Parasite Eve blew our minds way back in 1998 when the Gulf wasn’t a pool of oil and money rained from the sky. Its unique take on RPG genre by adding strong elements of survival horror made it and its sequel that followed a year later instant hits. Despite critical and commercial success however, we still haven’t seen a third installment (The upcoming ‘Third Birthday’ is more of a spin-off than anything else).

It’s been said before they are very interested in a full fledged console sequel but that will depend on how well The Third Birthday is received.