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No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise



No More Heroes is back in it’s 3rd installment of the series and will be called ‘No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise’. It going to be available on the Playstation 3, however it will also be compatible with the Playstation Move.

You will again take on the role of Travis Touchdown as you travel through the city of Santa Destroy. Yes, Santa Destroy. Your goal? Become the number 1 assassin by killing the top 10. If you are one of the “privileged” you will get to perform your kills with a swing of your Playstation Move controller and your beam sword.More past the break. The rest of the press release talks up the game a lot. I’m all about putting your money where your mouth is. I feel like a press release should talk about a game without bragging about how good they think it is. So here are some screens! And we’ll wait to see how good the rest is.


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