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13 Days of Horror, Day 10: The 10 Most Terrifying Console Mods

I think it’s safe to say there are a lot of people out there that have a serious excess of time. Lucky for us these individuals don’t choose to spend their time thinking up creative ways to murder people or learning how to create bombs out of household supplies; instead they use their extraordinary talents to fabricate incredible console mods.

But since there’s a slew of lists counting down the most amazing xbox/ps3/wii mods I decided to scour the vast and knowledgeable interwebs in search of the craziest, most disturbing and deliciously twisted console mods I could find. What follows are the ten I think stand above the rest.

A Bloodstained PS3

If anything, this should be a lesson to anyone who’s planning on beating someone to death with their PS3. First off, there are far better ways to crush a mushy skull. Baseball bats, bricks, hammers, etc. will do the job more efficiently than Sony’s console. But if you can’t find any other blunt objects lying around try using the black version because it’ll be way easier to wash off.

The Serial Killer’s Xbox

Alright, forget that boring PS3 above, this is what I’m talking about. This is what my 360 looked like after I… wait, scratch that. Let’s just say this is a little more realistic.

A 360 Fit For a Locust

I don’t know which creeps me out more, the burnt look of the case or that creepy glowing red eye that stares at me with a malicious hunger, peering deep into my soul. But this is one fucking awesome console mod. If Locusts were gamers, which I’m sure they are, this is what I picture sitting under their TV. That and a pile of severed human heads.

The PS3 That Wanted to be an Alien

Other than the insane amount of detail invested into this mod, apparently the alien you see bursting out of this poor, unsuspecting PS3 was actually molded out of the original case. Talk about being resourceful.

I Have an Eye On You

Apologies for the crappy resolution image, if you can get past that you’ll see a highly unsettling PS3 mod that has tons of beady yellow eyes staring back at you, judging you while you play LittleBigPlanet or Killzone 2 for hours on end. This is the type of PS3 that waits for you to turn off the lights and go to bed before it strikes with its wand-waving fury.

Wow… Just, Wow.

If there was ever a console that could steal your soul, this would be it. This hellish creation isn’t over-the-top in gore or giant decals, instead its creator simply wanted to convey a simple message, one I’m sure sounded something like “If you play with this PS3, it will eat your soul and leave you lying in the fetal position in a puddle of your own feces.” Or something like that.

This 360 is Huuungray!

This is the only mod on the list that would look fabulous with a pair of crocodile skin boots. Too much? Err hem, What I meant is its badass look will instantly let all your friends know how much of a tough manly man you are. Yeah, that’s better.

Why So Serious?

Not sure why this made the list? Let me paint the scenario for you: You’re alone, it’s a cold night, and you’ve just sat down on your comfy Sumo Gigantor to get your game on. But as soon as you lean forward to turn your console on the Joker’s face bursts from your on button and begins laughing maniacally in a high pitched chipmunk voice (caused by the tiny size of his head). Are you saying that wouldn’t cause you to shit out your spine?

The Xbox From HELL

This Xbox looks like it just escaped from the burning pits of Hell, and that makes me want to add its delicious crimson body to my entertainment center. I’ll feed it Wiis for breakfast and listen to their puny melodic screams as it consumes them alive.

This Wii Will Cut You

Speaking of the Wii, this is the only one that managed to be tough enough to make the list, and for good reason. Outside of a plethora of Zelda, Metroid and Mario mods there isn’t much diversity when it comes to Wii mods. Then I came across this fantastic Manhunt inspired creation you see before you. This Wii is not a toy. It is not a child’s plaything. It. Will. Kill. You.

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