News We Never Saw Coming: Wet 2 and Naughty Bear 2 On the Way - Bloody Disgusting!

News We Never Saw Coming: Wet 2 and Naughty Bear 2 On the Way

Usually a game has to receive favorable reviews and/or sell well for a sequel to get the green light. This makes the announcement of a sequel for Wet a little surprising since despite average reviews it didn’t sell terribly well, but even more surprising is the reveal of a Naughty Bear 2. Naughty Bear was pretty damn awful, despite the idea of the game’s focal point being a sadistic stuffed animal that likes murdering other bears, as a game it was essentially broken.

But poor sales and less than positive reviews don’t seem to be a strong enough reason for the newly dubbed studio Behaviour Interactive (previously the unfortunately named Artificial Mind and Movement) to not continue the two series. Oh yeah, Artificial Mind and Movement’s CEO Rémi Racine realized how bad his studio’s name was so he changed it to something that rolls off the tongue a little easier. I actually enjoyed Wet quite a bit, even though it forced me to go through incredibly monotonous tutorials for each of the weapons I unlock. I’m willing to forgive that because of its awesome Grindhouse style action and since most of the game was bloody good fun.

Naughty Bear however, was just bad, and that was made all the more disappointing because up until its launch the game looked like fluffy bear slaying fun. Maybe its sequel will be better? One can only hope.