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Dead Rising 3 Will Be Preceded By Digital ‘Bridge’

Before we were able to get our anxious hands on Dead Rising 2 we were given Case Zero, DLC that essentially bridged the gap between the first and second games, introducing us to many of the advancements and gameplay in the new game. Capcom took a risk with Case Zero and were rewarded with the astounding success the DLC received (it was downloaded over half a million times). It was so effective Capcom looks to be implementing the same idea for the upcoming Dead Rising 3.

Unlike the second game that followed a different cast of characters and an entirely different location, the DR3 is likely to continue with everything established in Dead Rising 2, including its epilogue that reintroduced the original’s protagonist Frank West. CVG has the scoop, discussed in their interview with Capcom COO David Reeves who discusses their interest in continuing the episodic approach to DLC. Blue Castle Games, which was recently announced to soon be bought by Capcom, will be developing it so if you liked everything the recent installment had to offer, Dead Rising 3 isn’t likely to disappoint.

News via CVG.



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