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Preorder Dead Space 2, Get a Snazzy Rivet Gun

Want another way to slay countless unsuspecting Necromorphs when Dead Space 2 graces our eager consoles in January? Good, because GameStop has you in mind with their exclusive bonus that nets you a fancy little rivet gun when you preorder the game. Does this thing remind anyone else of the Noisy Cricket?

Dead Space 2 is out soon, January 25th to be precise (and I always enjoy being precise). So if you find yourself interested in this exciting new way to cause heaps of pain upon your enemies, I suggest you head past the jump so you can really get to know this classy new gun. 711-MarkCL Rivet Gun: The 711-MarkCL Rivet Gun is the latest refinement from Timson Tool’s long line of friendly tools. Thanks to the latest in machine action loading, the Rivet Gun is ready to fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. This allows for quick multiple rivets during narrow windows of alignment in tricky zero-G maneuvers. Minimized kickback and electromagnetic shielding provide safe, hot rivets in even the most delicate, or dangerous, of environments. Good for temporary patch jobs, or heavy duty hull repairs, this little workhorse will get you back to the stars in no time. Remember, safety should be on unless in use, and never point live mining tools at people or ship membranes.

Still want it? Of course you do, and it just so happens you can get it HERE.



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