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It’s a Dead Space 2 Featurette Extravaganza!

Happy Tuesday folks because I have not one but three incredibly awesome featurettes for the upcoming Dead Space 2. The first gives us an in-depth look at the game’s thrills and chills and after the break you can check out the other two videos that are all about protagonist Isaac Clarke and the game’s kickass multiplayer. The only questions is, can you handle all this awesome at once?

Whether Dead Space 2 would be as strong in the scares department as its predecessor was has always been a concern for many gamers, including myself. Thankfully, EA seeks to soothe our worries by saying the game will be just as terrifying and the pacing and action will be much improved as well. So what about our other worries? Head past the jump to see what’s been changed about Isaac Clarke and what you can expect from the game’s Left 4 Dead style multiplayer.

Are you as excited for this as I am? I’m about two more featurettes from ruining a new pair of pants.



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