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Zombie Themed Savings Shamble Onto XBLA

Have you ever found yourself staring blankly at your TV, listening to the silent whispers of your Xbox 360 Slim (or the lawnmower-like screams for those with a pre-Slim model), wondering what you should play? Well, wonder no more my friends as XBLA has a myriad undead deals that will be going on all week.

You have until the 17th (yes, I’m a tad late with this announcement) to take full advantage of some rather fantastic zombie-themed deals on XBLA including half-off DLC for both Left 4 Dead games. Head past the jump for all of this week’s deals. L4D Crash Course for 240 Microsoft Wailing Gnome Bills (57% saved!)
L4D The Passing for 240 Microsoft Cannibal Cheddar Checks (57% saved!)
Zombie Apocalypse for 400 Microsoft Clapping Clown Cents (50% saved!)
Dishwasher Dead Samurai for 400 Microsoft Scratchy Genitalia Dollars (50% saved!)
Zombie Prop for 160 Microsoft Mutated Moose Moola (50% saved!)
Borderlands Zombie Island of Dr Ned for 400 Microsoft Horny Housewife Coins (50% saved!)
Borderlands Zombie mask for 80 Microsoft Well Endowed Bunny Bucks (50% saved!)



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