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Deadly Premonition 2 Is Pretty Much A Given At This Point

Though upon playing the game, I would almost think they didn’t change the direction at all. It still has an incredible amount of similarities to Twin Peaks. Back to the matter at hand. Upon its European release in October of last year it seemed as of Deadly Premonition could do no wrong. Head past the break to see it’s competition destroying scores. The Telegraph – The Top Ten Video Games of 2010
Deadly Premonition mentioned among The Telegraph’s top ten titles of the year.

Metro – The Gamecentral 2010 Mini Awards
Best New Character (Francis York Morgan).

Dealspwn – Best Video Games 2010
Game of the Year

Gamespot – Best of 2010
Most surprisingly good game winner (Nominated for three other Gamespot awards)

Games Radar – The Platinum Chalice awards 2010
Best Worst Game winner “one of the best, most memorable gaming experiences of the year”

Edge Magazine – The Alternative Edge Awards 2010
Most Alternative Ego (Agent Francis York and Zach)

IGN’s Biggest Gaming surprises and Most memorable moments of 2010
Deadly Premonition mentioned among IGN’s most surprising games and most memorable moments of 2010

Review Highlights:
Daily Record “Best £20 you’ll spend all year” 5/5—360-review.html

Xbox Magazine UK “One of the most bizarre, yet enjoyable, games we’ve played in a long time” 7.8/10

Virgin Media Games “You might love it, you might hate it – but I guarantee you won’t forget it.” 8/10
Games TM “…experience some incredible moments that can’t be found in any other videogame.” 8/10 “Like a one-eyed beauty queen.”

Dpad Magazine “It’s a tough game to click with, but when it does it’s great.” 4/5

MOST North American reviews we’re also extremely positive. Aside from a review from IGN US where it was given a 2/10. But when it comes down to it, this is one of the worst best games of all time. There is no reason it shouldn’t be given a sequel. The sexy and illustrious Adam Dodd gave mention of sequel rumors back in OCTOBER.

The game is the perfect type of game for a continuation. Likeable cast, perfect setting, Frances York Morgan! The game really needs some tweaking before you could make an incredible sequel. With such positive reviews they could even release it for the full $60.00, because it seems like everyone would pay it. So the question remains. What happens in Season 2?



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