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Hydrophobia: ‘We believe there should be a two way relationship between developer and players’

Released back in September, Hydrophobia was not received well by gamers and critics. So what did developers Dark Energy Digital do? They listened. Finally! A developer that listens! They ended up fixing and improving TONS of aspects of the game. The list is huge. They released an update for the fixes at no cost to the gamers, and even dropped the price of the game.

Well if you thought that was it, you and I were both wrong. Dark Energy Digital has started a listening post.
It seems like they will be expanding the Hydrophobia universe and they want the fans to help them build it. They want to know what the fans want to see, and even more aspects they can fix and improve on. You can head HERE to voice your opinion. More past the break! Some people might complain that the game should have been released later, and the game shouldn’t have needed so much work after its release. But really, I think we should take a step back and embrace this new age of gaming. Back in the day, if a game sucked, that was it! You spent your money on it, and if you didn’t like it, that’s it. It sits on your shelf and you wasted that money. Especially back in the day where there were no game demos you could try. You had to go off of everything you read in the gaming magazines and hope it was good. Well, now with a simple update through the internet they can completely change a game from meh, to eh!

“We launched Hydrophobia Pure after conducting extensive research into the issues players and critics had and the features you wanted to see included. We were absolutely blown away by the response you gave us, and the reception Hydrophobia Pure received. We believe there should be a two way relationship between developer and players, and as such we are committed to continuing the philosophy of collecting and acting upon your feedback to our games. ” – Pete Jones, Joint Creative Director



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