2010 Is Microsoft's Biggest Year To Date - Bloody Disgusting
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2010 Is Microsoft’s Biggest Year To Date



That picture grab your attention? Since you’re here….Well Microsoft and Xbox 360 kicked 2010’s ass last year. In the 1st 60 days of it’s release, 8 million Kinects were sold. They have broken 50 million in console sales. They are 30 million Xbox Live Members strong.

We can also expect to see Hulu Plus this spring, and that AND Netflix will be synced up with the Kinect, so you can browse movies and tv shows with the flick of your wrist. Also coming in spring will be Avatar Kinect. It will be free and a “social entertainment experience” where you can control your Avatars body movements and facial expressions. With Nintendo and Sony releasing new handhelds soon, that leaves one question. Where is my handheld Xbox 180? Image from coedmagazine.com


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