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An Open World Zombie Apocalypse Game? Am I In Love?

What have us horror gamer fans always wanted? An open world zombie apocalypse game. What are we FINALLY getting? An open world zombie apocalypse game. My 1 qualm? It’s for Xbox Live Arcade. While yes the price point will be solid, I’m still skeptical of the game itself. None the less I remain giddy.

Undead Labs is developing and Microsoft is publishing the game code named “Class 3”. No word yet if that is the official title, but that is what it will be known as for right now. More past the break… “Undead Labs is thrilled to work directly with Microsoft to bring Xbox 360 players an outstanding zombie-survival franchise,” said Jeff Strain, founder of Undead Labs. “Our mission is to create original online games that truly feel at home on the console platform, and Xbox 360 is a fantastic platform for online console gaming. We plan to create an ambitious open world XBLA game and use its gameplay, setting, and technology as the foundation for a full online world game.”

For those who don’t know, founder of Undead Labs Jeff Strain was lead programmer of World of Warcraft, he created the StarCraft campaign editor and worked on Diablo and Warcraft III. The guy knows what the fuck he’s doing. He left Blizzard because he wanted to make this zombie game so he started Undead Labs. This definitely gets me more excited for the game.

Class 3 will be a 3rd person zombie survival game, where you find and build up fortresses to protect yourself and fight the hordes. You can also search the city for supplies, and other survivors to help you. There will be plenty of fun weapons, fast cars, lots of gore. Sounds awesome!



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