The N-Controller Avenger, For The Hardest Core Gamer - Bloody Disgusting
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The N-Controller Avenger, For The Hardest Core Gamer



When I look at the N-Controller Avenger, my brain hurts. I think back to my childhood, when all I had was Nintendo. Then upon the release of the Super Nintendo I thought to myself, “What the heck am I going to do with all these buttons?” Now occasionally I say, “God damn it I need more buttons on this controller!” Kids nowadays though, (I say this like I’m ancient) they have the craziest shit to play video games with. It makes me sad to think by the time full on virtual reality for video games is available, I might be too old to enjoy it.

As you have seen by the video above, you can basically keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks and hit all the other buttons with a slight nudge of the hand. I really only see this being completely beneficial for crazy online shooter nerds. Like Call Of Duty players who prestiged a million times and that still isn’t enough. The N-Controller Avenger sells for 40 bucks. Anyone interested?


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