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Dying For Daylight, From The Author Whose Books Were The Inspiration For True Blood

Author Charlaine Harris wrote these Sookie Stackhouse novels, and they ended up being the inspiration for HBO’s hit show True Blood. Well, Charlaine isn’t stopping there. She is also writing Dying For Daylight, an interactive vampire game for the PC. Yes, I said interactive. As in point and click. Now, I’m down trying to get down on point and click games, but can we get a GOOD vampire video game?

If this paragraph below isn’t trying to cash in in True Blood, then I don’t know who is.

Charlaine’s vivid imagery and intriguing story lines made her work the perfect basis for an interactive game,” said Bob Hayes, Chief Operating Officer at Oberon-Media. “As the story unfolds, Sookie Stackhouse fans, True Blood fans and gamers alike will become fully immersed in her one-of-a-kind vampire world.”

In Dying for Daylight Dahlia takes players on an epic journey across New Orleans, Memphis and Charleston Harbor to find a legendary sun potion allowing vampires to survive in daylight.Discovering she is not the only one after this powerful tonic, Dahlia must match her wits against a rival sect of vampires who have scattered the ingredients among an avant-garde circus troupe. With each eclectic troupe member holding a piece of the potion, Dahlia must uncover their devious secrets and procure the mixture before it falls into the wrong hands. By collecting clues, solving puzzles and gathering the needed ingredients, players will guide Dahlia in her mission to find the legendary potion before it’s too late.



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